Cash Drawer

Cash drawers securely store currency and financial documents during business hours. Made of heavy duty metal components and built to take a beating, a good cash drawer should give you many years of reliable service. PC Registers cash drawers are some of the best in the industry, ensuring your cash is safe all day long.

Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

  • 5 bill, 5 coin slots
  • Durable steel construction
  • Operates for over 4 million cycles
  • 18″ wide x 16.7″ deep x 4.6″ tall

Strong, Secure, Reliable

We chose this as the PC Registers cash drawer because we want you to set it up and never have to worry about it again. This drawer is one of the top of its class in terms of durability and reliability, ensuring you can set it and forget it.

This cash drawer is built from heavy duty metal, holding up to the bumps, spills, and collisions that could take down lesser, plastic drawers. Durable rollers provide smooth opening and closing of the drawer and offer tremendous longevity.

With a till capable of holding most denomenations, plus under till storage for large bills, checks, and other financial documents, this cash drawer is a versatile way to store currency during your business hours.

Price: $174.00

Manual Cash Drawer

Sometimes you don’t need a fully integrated cash drawer at your business. Maybe you need to store cash at the bar and the drawer constantly popping open actually slows down your employees. In that case a manual cash drawer is a good alternative. Using similarly sturdy materials as the drawer in our POS systems, these manual drawers are opened by pushing on their face. These drawers are also great for mobile POS applications or situations where you might not have a printer nearby to send open commands during checkout.

  • Durable metal frame
  • Media slots for large bills or checks
  • Small 16″ by 16″ footprint
  • 3-year warranty

Durable and easy to use

Designed for mobile applications or situations where you don’t have a receipt printer nearby, this manual cash drawer is a rock-solid method to store cash and other financial documents.

At 16 inches to a side, this drawer is small enough to fit on or under most counters with ease. Opening is as simple as pressing on the face of the drawer, making it easy for busy employees to get access to or store cash. A media slot on the front allows you to store large bills, checks, or other documents, storing them under the till for easy retrieval.

This drawer is built to handle the rough use that happens in high-stakes environments. It’s built using heavy duty metal, able to withstand bumps and collisions with ease. The roller system for the drawer is incredibly smooth, giving you great operation every time. For bars in restaurants, mobile POS, or just general cash storage, a manual cash drawer is a smart choice.

Price: $119.00