Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are the de facto way for retailers and restaurants to print out transaction records. They are also useful as a way to send orders to kitchens or bars, cutting down on customer wait time and eliminating preparation errors. PC Registers uses only the best and most reliable receipt printers on the market in our POS systems, ensuring you have the best experience at your business.

Thermal Receipt Printer

  • Quick 11.8″ per second print speed
  • Paper-saving features built-in
  • Autocutter rated at over 2 million operations
  • 4-year warranty

Fast, Quiet, Long-lasting

With this thermal receipt printer, you can be certain that your checkstand or order station will run smoothly and efficiently. Ultra quiet and incredibly fast, we chose this printer for our POS systems because we know it will last you for years to come.

Speed is vital when printing a receipt. It’s the last step before a customer’s paid for their purchase, so a long wait could spell disaster. Thankfully this is one of the fastest printers on the market, drastically minimizing the wait time at checkout.

This printer is very reliable, offering many years of great service. Built with high quality components, you can be sure the printer will run strong for many years to come.

Price: $339.00


Impact Kitchen Printer

  • Supports two-color printing
  • Printouts survive hot/humid environments
  • Serial impact dot matrix printing
  • 2-year warranty

Reliable impact printing

The PC Registers impact receipt printer is the ideal choice for kitchen or bar printing, giving you receipts more resilient than their direct thermal counterparts.

Sacrificing speed for reliability, the impact printer prints at 4.7 lines per second, or almost two inches per second. While not as fast as thermal counterparts, the printer’s use of an ink ribbon and impact print head creates receipts that won’t fade in hot or humid conditions.

The impact printer is designed to operate problem-free for years. Reliable hardware, including print hammer and auto cutter, are designed to last, minimizing downtime and giving you hassle-free busy printing sessions.

Price: $335.00


Retail Thermal Printer

  • 13.9″ per second print speed
  • Multi-color adjustable LED
  • Long lasting auto cutter
  • 3-year warranty

Stylish and small with fast printing

Combining advanced performance in a tiny design, this retail thermal printer is PC Register’s go-to choice for our retail system.

At five inches to a side, the printer is one of the smallest on the market, saving you counter space that can be used for last minute items. The printer’s square design also makes it easy to rotate and use in front-feeding mode, allowing you to mount it under counter or put additional stuff on top of it. An LED bar near the paper dispenser can be adjusted to one of three different colors, giving you a unique aesthetic as well as easy notification of low/no paper.

The thermal receipt printer is quick and reliable, keeping lines moving smoothly and cutting down on customer wait times. A durable design, including long-lasting auto cutter and printhead, ensures this printer will give your business countless years of reliable service.

Price: $299.00