Point of Sale Services

PCRegisters wants to make sure you have the best experience when using our POS system at your business. For an additional fee, we offer the following services to ensure your customer’s business operations run smoothly:

Custom Gift Card Printing

Gift cards are a great way to bring customers back in and extend your brand awareness. With our customer gift cards, you simply send us your business logo and other pertinent details, and our graphic designers will custom design a gift card to help expand your sales.

Employee Access Cards

With employee access cards, logging in to the POS system is as simple as swiping a card. Employee access cards also make it easy to track employee usage, restrict access to secure features, and prevent unauthorized use. For larger, mult-station businesses, this makes it incredibly easy to employees to log in, and it prevents accidents such as deleting tabs or mis-entering order information.

On-Site Installation

Even though our POS systems are pre-configured prior to shipment, there are still a couple steps to plugging in and testing all the equipment, especially in multi-station deployments. If you are worried about installation woes, we can send a technician to your business to install your system, network additional PC Registers systems, and even test all the hardware.

Custom Menu Programming

PCRegisters can create your restaurant’s menu in software prior to installation, minimizing the time needed to get up and running. If your menu is ready and pretty set, simply fax it to us at 1-360-738-3530 and we’ll program it into