Point of Sale Training

PCRegisters is proud to offer nationwide point of sale system training for our customers. Through a high-speed internet connection, our support staff will connect with your POS computer, walking employees and managers through the setup and usage of their point of sale system. Our support technicians know these software platforms inside and out; let us share that knowledge so you, too, can be an expert.

Please call 1.360.676.2384 to schedule an appointment.

Employee Training Includesimage_traiing

  • Checking inventory
  • Basic sales transactions
  • Customer look up
  • Returns
  • Credit card settlement
  • Opening/closing of the register
  • How to use the hardware

Manager Training Includes

  • Adding items to inventory
  • Managing employee data
  • How to use the reports
  • Shift management
  • Table layout (Restaurant)
  • Menu setup
  • Receipt design
  • Manager overrides
  • Software customization
  • Batching out the credit cards

We are flexible when it comes scheduling your training session, ensuring it’s most convenient for you. If you happen to hire on more employees in the future, let us know. We’ll be happy to do a refresher course and get everyone up to speed as quickly as possible.